I always did well on tests

I’ve had blogs in some format since 1997. I taught myself HTML (not that big a feat) and hand-coded my first one in 1997. Then I will stop interneting after awhile, because either my life gets crazy, novelty wears off, or I suddenly have ants in my pants and move to where I’m really busy (or just chaotic). Or, I just lose interest in writing, and go onto the next thing. I call my method of hobby-jumping “cycles”. My mom does it, so it’s normal, right? Everyone obsesses over one thing for months at a time then quits cold turkey and finds something else sparkly to play with for a few months, right? Eventually I loop back. Eventually.

I’m going to try to be anonymous, unless you’re family and specifically invited here to read my esoteric ramblings and run-ons. Hi, family.


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