Perfectly stated…

So at the beginning of this year, I forgot to buy myself a calendar. I rely on my planner and about 3 different calendars to keep on top of things. It works about 90% of the time, and this is a LOT better than the complete chaos of no planning. I took to Amazon and found a calendar by Allie Brosh so I had to get it.

Las time I met with my psychologist, Dr. Cool Dude, he was concerned with how I think about myself and how what I think isn’t what other people see. At my last job I went from seeing myself as a competent, intelligent person but by the end of it I saw myself as Sheldon Cooper lost in Harlem at midnight. What I wanted to know wasn’t how I thought of myself, but how objectively, not subjectively, to fix all the problems listed at the beginning of this blog. My performance evaluation is on my record as an objective document. In any case, that’s a subject I’ll have to think further on and get help from.

But how do I think of myself? This illustration from my new calendar’s August spread states it succinctly:

It also means that I love myself when I’m performing awesomely. Self-love is proportional to success.


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