Accidental Halloween

Last night I went to the local grocery store. This grocery store chain is One of The Best, and that’s from someone who’s been to grocery stores across the US and in Europe. I would say it’s a miniscule step down from Whole Foods (which my city is supposed to get sometime…)

This grocery chain the one where half the teens in town worked at, including me, in high school. I’ve seen this chain grow into something to appreciate over my lifetime. I compared other grocery stores to this one when I traveled around. California and Nevada didn’t have something like this in their town unless you were willing to drive an hour or pay double the price. So growing up with this grocery chain spoiled me. And it even didn’t disappoint last night, when one of the stores had an accidental Halloween, i.e., a black out. This has never happened in the 4 decades of my life. And It was cool. I had a flashlight with me and we shopped by flashlight and backup generator. I would have loved it if some of the staff made it a haunted store, such as on a haunted hayride. Hung up some ghosts and spiderwebs, use spooky fonts…


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