I picked up 3 free books from R’s late father 2 weeks ago: The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, Ulysses, and a Hunter S. Thompson book (not Fear and Loathing, which I’ve already read).

I’m 49 pages into Ulysses and I think it’s Faulkner’s As I Lay Dying on steroids. I already have 3 post-it notes for random vocab words (ineluctable?) and notes about what to look for, theme wise, as I read. I love the theme about “home”, “coming home”, “trying to get home yet avoid home” in Ulysses. I feel like everyone has felt that way in their lives, one of those every day things we go through but don’t comment on really. It’s an interesting theme because everything that happens in Ulysses is in one town, and no one travels to another country during the book, so in a way, everyone is in their “home” town for the time being. It can make one think, what is home? How do people go about finding it or creating it?

Anyway, I have 734 more pages left to wade through. I hope it’ll be a pleasant swim!

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