The Mirror and the Light by Hilary Mantel

I finished this book a couple of months ago but forgot I had written down some stuff from it!

“If you marvel at your good fortune, you should marvel in secret: never let people see you.” – p. 186

“Our possessions outlasts us,… we have to live up to them, as they will be our witnesses when we are gone.” p. 54

“You need to write everything down, he tells his people. Distrust yourself. Human memory is fallible.” p. 63

Do you know why they say, ‘There’s no smoke without fire?’ It’s not just to give encouragement to people who like fires. It’s a statement about the danger of chimneys, but also about the courts of kings – or any space where trapped air circulates, choking on itself. A spark catches a particle of falling soot: with a crackle, the matter ignites: with a roast, the flames fly skyward, and within minutes, the palace is ablaze.” p. 141

“But the law is not an instrument to find out truth. It is there to create a fiction that will help us move past atrocious acts and face our future. It seems there is no mercy in this world, but a kind of haphazard justice: men pray for crimes, but not necessarily their own.” – p. 729

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