I Changed My Workout Program

Originally, when I began my fitness journey, something in me thought/felt that simply doing cardio wasn’t going to help me reach my goals. That thought was that muscle is metabolically active. If you have more muscle, you are more metabolically active. Which means you can increase your metabolism by putting on muscle. Putting on more muscle means resistance training. And resistance training is easier for me to do than cardio, because wheezing.

I wanted to switch to a program that was more pure resistance training, with a little mobility mixed in. However there are not many YouTube videos to follow of someone weight lifting and you doing what they do. During this search (within the past month or so) I started listening to the Mind Pump Podcast. I liked what I heard about these guys’ approach to exercise, so I got a couple of their programs and am incorporating them. Their resistance training program have phases to help grow strength, stability, and muscle. So I’ll try this out for now and see what kind of changes happen.

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