Last 10 days of workouts

Didn’t like pilates
I was sore and my body felt better stretching on this day
Meant to choose indoor climbing…
Outdoors! Distance wasn’t working so average speed was off. This was a leisurely ride.

The workout videos I use

I workout based on my heart rate. That is, I watch my heart rate so that it doesn’t go beyond approximately 145-155 bpm, and when it’s close to that, I rest until it slows down. This way, I prevent asthma attacks yet still get sweaty. Some days, I feel like I can do more, and some days, less… some days, I just feel tired or sore or burnt out, so I go easier. In any case, I have to do mostly low impact movements (no jumping) to prevent asthma attacks. Just so you know, low impact doesn’t mean easy! If there’s jumping in a workout, I just take the jumps out. Here are a selection of workout videos I use on my full body days.

Workouts since March 1

By this time I’d found out that my chest-strap heart rate monitor would go “offline” whenever I did any exercises on my front (like Supermans or swimmers). Also it felt like I had a super thick and tight bra strap on. So I bought a smart watch, thinking it would feel better. But the watch had a much shorter list of exercises to choose from so I couldn’t choose “climbing” and it wasn’t as good as capturing heart rate or calories. I logged 2 workouts with the watch and went back to the chest strap.
Took a long rest between “rounds”

My workouts so far

A week or so into January I found a heart rate monitor I bought last year before all my medical issues started. Since I know that if my heart rate reaches a certain level I start having asthma issues, I decided to experiment working out based on my heart rate. If it got too high (greater than 150 bpm) then I’d rest until it slowed down to about 130ish. So far this has worked wonderfully when I do HIIT workouts at home. After about a week, I wasn’t using my inhaler as much. The heart rate monitoring doesn’t work so well in the climbing gym when 80% of the way up a route, my heart rate goes into the red zone. On climbing days, I’ve ended up in a zone where I can hardly breathe. There has to be a way for me to see what my heart rate is while on the wall without bringing my phone up with me!

I wasn’t good at recording every workout at first. Plus, I don’t record when I have a rest day, or do a full body deep stretch, or yoga-ish stuff.

Sometime between 1/15/22 and 1/24/22. I also did 2 climbing sessions and a day of pull ups and push ups, so I didn’t record those.
Climbing session on a Saturday