A Word About Boston Streets

Boston, especially in Cambridge right next to Hahhhvahhrd, is beautiful. It was nice feeling safe enough to walk around at night every night along with tons of other pedestrians. Using Harvard Yard as a short-cut to get to Harvard Square, literally walking around on campus, brought me back 20 years to my college days.

Driving in Boston and its vicinity, however, was a nightmare. I swear that Boston city streets look like one of those particle pathways:

Credit: starsandspirals/flickr/CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

GPS was on, but it usually said things like “Use the right hand lane to turn left at…” and by that time… a turn was mistakenly missed and the car got force-merged somewhere else.

This picture was an example of an EASY intersection. Elsewhere, there were roundabouts. I don’t know why Europeans are good at roundabouts but Americans seem never to be able to adapt. On the positive side, I got to see a lot of areas of Boston, by accident.

Overwhelming amount of angles and traffic lights.

This picture is of the type of intersection of all roads that lead everywhere. Also, the image in the GPS was never clear enough – it showed a thick line until the last second, and if you happened to be in the wrong lane when the GPS zoomed in to show the actual turn, it’s too late.

So it’s been a year

Wow, it’s been almost a year since I last wrote something in/on here. Time flies when shit’s happening. I’ll get into more detail in later posts when I’m not typing on my phone.

My nieces have been spanning 2 nights per week for 3 weeks at my house with my mom babysitting (I work from home but can’t be too distracted). It’s great but trying to entertain a 9 and 6 year old can be tough without them watching TV. Taking them out almost always costs money because they beg for toys and candy and whatnot and my mom, Grandma, can’t say no too often. I mean there’s a drawer Full of candy just for the girls that they raid when they want. So today will be the last day of the 3 weeks with Grandma, then Mom gets 3 days’ rest before I come back home.

We tried to pack kayaks but the old 1980-something Bronco doesn’t have a rack on it and they were impossible to tie on. So we brought our bikes and bouldering gear. This will be our first time bouldering on real rock so I’m excited to see how that goes! Anyway the back is crammed with our stuff and it feels like a cross-country trip even though it’s just cross-state.