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  • Creatine in seniors

    Sarcopenia is associated with reduced bone mass and bone strength and may be a contributing factor for the increased risks of falls and fractures often observed in aging adults. It is well established that resistance training is an effective lifestyle intervention for improving aging muscle mass, strength and bone accretion. Accumulating evidence indicates that creatine […]

  • Things I looked up in June

    Sorry this is so late! Also, I didn’t have to look up anything rare during July. Hurler syndrome – Hurler syndrome is the most severe form of mucopolysaccharidosis type 1, a rare lysosomal storage disease, characterized by skeletal abnormalities, cognitive impairment, heart disease, respiratory problems, enlarged liver and spleen, characteristic facies and reduced life expectancy. […]

  • Research articles on protein supplement or wine effects on health

    Note: these are only a handful of studies compared to the multitudes of results I found on each topic. Please read widely to form a balanced perspective. Effect of whey protein on blood pressure in pre‐ and mildly hypertensive adults: A randomized controlled study. Moderate red wine consumption and cardiovascular disease risk: beyond the “French […]

  • Things I looked up in May

    Heller Myotomy (via UCSF Department of Surgery): The Heller myotomy is essentially an esophagomyotomy, the cutting the esophageal sphincter muscle, performed laparoscopically. Achalasia – Achalasia is a rare disorder of the esophagus, the tube that carries food from the throat to the stomach. Ludwig’s angina – Ludwig’s angina is a form of severe diffuse cellulitis […]

  • Things I looked up in March and April

    Nephrotic syndrome Septic emboli Cerebral abscess Ecthyma Omphalopagus twins Cloacal exstrophy of urinary bladder Osgood-Schlatter’s Disease Hereditary alpha-tryptasemia Bleeding diasthesis