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  • Getting enough protein: Cooking on the weekend

    One of the things that’s difficult about watching one’s macronutrients is that it is harder to eat more than 100 grams of protein per day than one thinks. It’s easy to do this for 1 day, a week, but every day for weeks? That’s hard, even if you just focus on getting that protein first […]

  • Mega Granola Oat Nut Chocolate Chip Protein Bar, or, Squirrel Food

    In the afternoon while slaving away at my computer, I crave a snack but it’s hard to find something high protein, healthy, not too sweet, and guaranteed unprocessed. So why not make your own? This smelled really good as I mixed it together. DRY INGREDIENTS WET INGREDIENTS 1. Preheat oven to 300°F. Butter or spray […]

  • Blueberries and cream cookies

    I used Christina Tosi’s recipe. It calls for dried blueberries. I had fresh blueberries because it’s summer and they’re in season. My mom has a dehydrator. Little did I know, it took the dehydrator 18 hours to dry a pint and a half blueberries HALFWAY. 18 HOURS. So I said, F*** that, and put them […]

  • Bolognese

    Sometimes I’m motivated to cook something involved and good. And lately I’ve been jonesing for a home made bolognese sauce. However, I didn’t have red or white wine, so I used sake. I also added cinnamon and nutmeg. And the only canned thing I added was tomato paste. Everything else was fresh. Noodles were homemade […]

  • Fruit tart

    One of my favorite desserts is a nice, colorful fruit tart. And lately, I’ve been bingeing Masterchef shows from the US, Canada, and Australia. Along the way, I built up enough motivation to try to make a fruit tart. Actually, tartlet, because I don’t have a 9-inch tart pan. I used the tart recipe from […]

  • Blueberry bacon pizza

    Ingredients: Pizza dough (we made this from scratch but you can get pre-made ones at your local grocery store or use your favorite pizza dough recipe – but use bread flour!) Blueberries Arugula Carmelized onions Bacon (I trimmed the fat off mine), cut up Cherry tomatoes, sliced Goat cheese Handful of basil leaves Pepper & […]

  • Happy Holidays

    Sorry for the long gaps in posting here. I’ve had a birthday, then Thanksgiving, and was preparing for the holidays (2 days left!). Also, work seems to be ramping up a little bit due to everyone doing things at the very last minute. Here are a few things I looked up this week: The pharmacokinetics […]