A Small Afternoon Jaunt

A visit to a small town on an incredibly beautiful day.

A really cute section of town with small indie stores that sell odds and ends.
There was a swimming area further down.
There was a teeny tiny amusement park for what looks like ages 6 and under. That clown garbage can was slightly frightening.
Little rocket ship ride.
A tiny merry go round. The only amusement park we wanted to go to is a 6 hour drive away, and we decided (I guess) to wait until next year. There are adult sized amusement parks in our vicinity but they’ve lost their luster years ago.

Workouts in the last month

Not including the climbing days and any walking/hiking. Also, I went to the Boston area to tour the climbing gyms in that area and those weren’t included either, but I’ll include a picture that captures what physical activity I did.

Climbing gym 1
Another climbing gym
Lots of walking (because we took the subway)
I was at my sister’s house (house sitting) and tried her spin bike, but the seat screw loosened and the seat started wobbling everywhere. I went to a nearby gym instead but didn’t bring my heart monitor.
At the gym near my sister’s house… A great workout!

So it’s been a year

Wow, it’s been almost a year since I last wrote something in/on here. Time flies when shit’s happening. I’ll get into more detail in later posts when I’m not typing on my phone.

My nieces have been spanning 2 nights per week for 3 weeks at my house with my mom babysitting (I work from home but can’t be too distracted). It’s great but trying to entertain a 9 and 6 year old can be tough without them watching TV. Taking them out almost always costs money because they beg for toys and candy and whatnot and my mom, Grandma, can’t say no too often. I mean there’s a drawer Full of candy just for the girls that they raid when they want. So today will be the last day of the 3 weeks with Grandma, then Mom gets 3 days’ rest before I come back home.

We tried to pack kayaks but the old 1980-something Bronco doesn’t have a rack on it and they were impossible to tie on. So we brought our bikes and bouldering gear. This will be our first time bouldering on real rock so I’m excited to see how that goes! Anyway the back is crammed with our stuff and it feels like a cross-country trip even though it’s just cross-state.