Holidays Messed Up the Workouts but Not the Music

I got some workouts in but didn’t track them because they were all over the place. I also got an electric guitar for my birthday and am getting reacquainted with my musical life.

This person was my old piano teacher when I was a kid.

My hometown has a couple of musical destinations, depending on your style. We have a Jazz Festival. But I spent half my adult life in California, which is full of musicians. I dated a few of them and picked up random stuff.

But 2023 will be dedicated to music with the goal of being able to shred on my guitar by the end of 2023. I will summarize my reading, fitness, and other resolutions to this year at the end of the year.

Meanwhile, here is a little bit of my playlist for today:

I LOVE sitar music. I wonder if they make electric sitars.

What I Listen to at the Gym

I’m a rock music person. I love classic rock, metal, what used to be called “alternative” in the 90s (am I dating myself?), indie rock, etc. Anything with a big, pounding beat that isn’t too fast or too slow, that isn’t tinny, muted, or delicate. I like the music that I can feel in my chest.

Sometime this year, I found The Hu. I’ve been listening to them at the gym and I’m hooked. Maybe it’s because of the 1% Mongolian in me, or maybe they’re just good and interesting and people just want to listen to something old(er) in a new way. Like, metal and throat singing? Those awesome stringed instrument I don’t know the name of plus electric guitar? I hope that this using-your-culture’s-traditional-instrument with modern music doesn’t stop, because the results sound so damn cool.

The workout videos I use

I workout based on my heart rate. That is, I watch my heart rate so that it doesn’t go beyond approximately 145-155 bpm, and when it’s close to that, I rest until it slows down. This way, I prevent asthma attacks yet still get sweaty. Some days, I feel like I can do more, and some days, less… some days, I just feel tired or sore or burnt out, so I go easier. In any case, I have to do mostly low impact movements (no jumping) to prevent asthma attacks. Just so you know, low impact doesn’t mean easy! If there’s jumping in a workout, I just take the jumps out. Here are a selection of workout videos I use on my full body days.

Gaming Vicariously

When I work, I watch YouTube, mainly because work can be rote and I cut and paste a lot. Once upon a time, I used to game; I remember pulling 15-hour days on Word of Warcraft 20 years ago or Final Fantasy almost 10 years ago. Doing that is just hard when I spend all day on the computer and the last thing I want is to spend more time on the computer. Sometimes, blogging doesn’t sound all that fun to me because it’s on a computer (hence why I take a couple of weeks off from here). However, this doesn’t mean I can’t watch other people play games. And one of the coolest games that came out recently has been Elden Ring. It’s one of those games that I wish I can start and finish, but it would take me years. One reason is that I don’t have a platform to play on at home and the only way I can play it is on Rob’s Xbox X, which narrows it down to weekends only, and since it’s spring, we almost never spend spring/summer/fall indoors. I would probably only give the game a few hours per week for a few weeks, and then not play it until it starts to be too cold to go outside. By then, the next iteration of the Xbox/PlayStation would be out, or the game would go VR, or something, which means that it would be a waste. The next best thing? Watching this streamer play. Or this one.

The reason why I like them? Neither of them have an annoying voice. There are many reasons why I like one person and not another, but I think those reasons are individual to viewers. Rob watches racing game and motor vehicle game streamers and I swear some of them are as histrionic as my 7- and 10-year-old nieces are when they learn they’re going to the bounce house place. So these are what I’ve been looking at the past couple of weeks.